MRK Design Inc.
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MRK Design Inc. is a premier design & construction firm focusing on commercial projects, new custom homes and residential remodeling in north central Indiana. Serving clients in Lafayette, Logansport, Kokomo and surrounding areas.

You Dream. We deliver.

Building a custom home requires going beyond designing and building for beauty, functionality, longevity and safety.

Inspiration and Empathy

It demands a partner who can inspire your imagination to expand what you know to be possible and to hold a deep understanding of your vision, which is why our best building skills are inspiration and empathy.

Foresight and Discipline

Accuracy in foresight is critical to predicting costs and what your design will be experienced in real life. Our judgment and discipline to finish strong have been honed by decades of experience.

Decisions Made Easy

A custom home requires you to make thousands of decisions. Our proprietary approach makes it easy for you to make decisions.

Highly Recommended

 Don’t just take our word for it, ask our customers about their experience working with us.


Committed to Excellence

Clients have trusted us to deliver dwelling places that have no comparison, such as this countryside manor.

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Obsessed With Details

We are disciplined and obsessed with the details so you can rest assured your dwelling place will be delivered with unsurpassed craftsmanship.


A Complete Experience

We ensure the experience at your entire property is aligned to your dreams. Inside the house and beyond.


Our Strategic Partner

KJG Architecture & Engineering excels in meeting the creative and functional needs of their clients.